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2016 MPB Summer Basketball League

May 24 Update:

We are looking for a few more coaches in the boys divisions: Prep (1), Intermediate (1), Junior (2) and Senior (1).  Please email us at if you can help.

May 12 Update:  We have reopened the wait list for Girls Intermediate.  We will take players off the list ( based on sign up date) to fill in teams once they are drafted in the next 2 weeks.  There are openings in all other groups except Boys Prep, so let your freinds know we are still taking players.  After teams are drafted we can only place players on teams if others drop out

May 8 2016 Update

Happy Mothers Day to all our Great Moms.

We have released all players on the girls Intermediate wait list.  If you are on the list you should be getting an email.  It will direct you to log back in and finish registering and pay.  We will be drafting teams soon so please log in asap to be sure you get on a team.  We will have 8 teams in the division this year.

May 2 2016 update:  IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will be drafting teams in the next few weeks.  You must register by  May 10 to be assured of getting on a team.  Please register ASAP.

4/28 Update  Drive Sports in Goshen is looking for 2-4 graders interested in playing in their league.  If you are interested please email  Mickey Dennis at

4/22/2016 Update

There will be 2 more Skill Sessions for new players on Monday May 2 and Thursday May 5 at 6-8pm in the MPB Gym.

The Boys Prep division has reached the wait list.  We will add more teams if the wait list fills.

The Girls Intermediate division is now on wait list.  We have players to fill 6 teams and will add 2 more teams if the wait list fills.

The dates for skill tryout are as follows

May 2 and May 5  All tryouts are at the MPB Gym from 6-8pm.  New players will be put thru a quick drill session to assess their skill level and position.  New Players are REQUIRED to attend
.  Beginners and Future Stars DO NOT have to attend.  Prep (9-10year olds) and older only.  Attend any session you can, at any time from 6-8.

March 10 UPDATE

All divisions are now starting to fill up.  The Girls intermediate will reach the wait list in the next few days.  The other divisions are getting close.  After any division reaches its limit, all players registering will be put on the wait list.  If the wait list reaches its limit, the league will decide if there is enough room to add additional teams to that division.  Player will be taken off the wait list in a first come first server order.

All New players, EXCEPT BEGINNERS AND FUTURE STARS,  are required to attend a skills tryout in april.  The dates will be announced shortly.  We use the tryout to assign players to the teams.  We cannot assign players unless they attend.

January 25, 2016
Registration for the 2016 Summer season is now open starting February 1.  
Dates for season are 6/20/16 to 7/30/16.  Games Times and Dates TBA. Due to to the increase in costs, the Fee for the season will be $75.00 for all players Prep age and above (9-10 year olds)
The Beginners and Future Stars will remain at $70.00 per player

All Registration is through the website.  Credit cards transactions only.  Please do not contact the school for information.  Email  the league via only. 
Beginners. Futures Stars, Boys Prep, and All Girls  divisions will play on Monday-Wednesdays.  All other Boys divisions on Tuesday and Thursdays 
All new players ( ages 9 and above) are required to attend a mandatory Skill assessment meeting.  We use this info to select teams.
Dates and Times will be announced in April.
Registration is done by the players birthdate. You must be no older than the maximum before 8/10/2016
Ages 6-7 Beginners (Boys and Girls play together)
7-9 Future Stars (Boys and Girls play together)
9-10 Prep Boys or Girls
11-12 Intermediate Boys or Girls
13-14 Junior Boys or Girls
15-16 Girls Senior
15-17 Boys Senior

There will be a Shootout Contest again this year about the 3rd/4th week of the season.  More information will be provided before the season starts.  For more details send an email to or

Saturday  August 1  Championship Games

5:00   Court A  Boys  Int
           Court B  Girls Prep    Green vs Yellow
           Court C Girls Int
6:00   Court A  Boys Jr
           Court B  Boys Prep    Gray vs Orange
           Court C  Girls Jr        Yellow vs
7:00    Court A  Boys Sr

7/29/15  10:55  jpr


Please remember that there is NO GUM allowed on the courts.  This is for EVERYONE, including parents and spectators.

July 6 special announcement:

Attention parents and coaches. We have an exciting announcement. The MPB summer league in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus council 9254 will be conducting our first annual Summer League Shootout Competition on August 2nd from 12:00-6:00. There will be a maximum registration of thirty boy and thirty girl contestants per age group for the shoot out and there will be a $10.00 registration fee per contestant. Checks are to be made payable to K of C Council 9254. The registration form is attached to this email. A member of the Knights of Columbus will be at the courts from 5:00 - 7:00 on Monday 7/20, Tuesday 7/21, Wednesday 7/22, and Thursday 7/23 to collect registration forms and payment. Contestants will enjoy all they can eat from the grill. Other concessions (drinks, snacks, etc.) will be sold at regular league prices. The future stars competition will not have an entry limit. Further details will be posted on the website. We look forward to seeing you there

Summer League Shootout Registration Form
Summer League Shootout Rules & General Notes

The Gyms we use for rain outs are as follows:
Court A  Games  @Wallkill Middle School 
Court B Games  @  MPB Gym
Court C Games @ Ostrander Elementary School

Week 1 Update  The first week is in the books and there were many exciting games including the 4 overtime Prep Girls ( Blue vs Green) game decided by a shootout on the final shot!  We had a few weather related events but got thru mostly with no rain.
Thanks to everyone for following the rules and schedules posted.  We hope Next weeks weather holds up like week 1.

The girls juniors has lost a few playersand we are looking for a few replacements.  If you know of any girls in that age group who did not signup and want to play, have them email the league at

Please remember NO GUM on the courts at ANYTIME.  This applies to EVERYONE: Players, Coaches, Spectators, League Officials

Rememer that this is a Summer Rec League: Cheer for your team and players, do not disrespect the other team or the Refs by making negative comments from the sidelines.
This is all for the Kids. Set the example.

Parents- please volunteeer to do the clock or the book to get the games started on time.  We will show how to do it if you are not sure.

When entering the school please use the rear driveway entrance and exit from the front.  Use the right lane to drop off players , the left to proceed to the parking lot.  Use the sidewalks for everyones safety and look around before pulling in or out.  Please use marked spots only and for the overflow use the front lawn.  Do not block the entrance to the front lawn ( marked with Orange Cones).  We need to keep the entrance driveway open for emergency vehicles so do not park near the drop off zone. The parking lot nearest the courts is for league officials and handicap parking only. Thank you for your help with this and for keeping our kids safe.

In case of rain we will play games indoors at these Gyms
All Court A games play at Wallkill Middle School
All Court B games play at MPB
All Court C games play at Ostrander Elementary in Wallkill for rest of the season.
Exceptions are all Future Stars will play at Wallkill Middle School
Game times will be the same as scheduled.

MPB Gym and courts are located at 180 Ulster Ave Walden 12586
Wallkill Middle school is located at  rt 208  north of MPB ( 4 miles) on the Left
Ostander Elementary School is located at 137 Viola St  Wallkill NY 12589.  Take the first left past Wallkill Middle (going north) and then the first right.  The school is straight ahead 3 blocks.
Valley Central Middle School is located at 1189 Rt 17 K Montgomery NY 12549

6/9 update

We are less than 2 weeks from opening nights ( 6/22nd 6/23)!

Please note that we have spent more than 2 weeks drafting teams and setting up the coach assignments.  We make every effort to make the teams as fair as possible.  That makes requests for changes difficult as they change the teams.  We setup the game schedules with this in mind so that players who are friends and carpool can be at the courts at the same time(s). 

If you are not receiving emails from the League, you may have checked the box to "opt out" of newletters and emails when registering. We cannot change that setting.  You must log back in and do it yourself.
/9/15 UPDATE:  Most All Divisions are filled.  We still need players in the Boys Junior and Girls Intermediate Divsions.  The Waitlists are open for these divisions.  Please pass the word to players who may be interested. 

4/1/15  The waitlist for Girls Intermediate has been reopened.  We need to get a minimum of 20 players to expand to 8 teams.  The Boys Junior Waitlist will be reopened in the next few days also to get to 10 teams.  If you are interested in these divisions please sign up ASAP. You do not have to pay until accepted from the list. 

New Players in Prep and divisions above are required to attend a skill assessment.  You only have to attend one meeting and only have to stay until you are assessed.  We run the players through basic drills for about 10 minutes.  The divisions being assessed each night are listed.  If you have players in multiple divisions you can come on one night.  The skill assessment is used to draft teams.  We cannot place players without the assessment.  Please make sure you attend one meeting.  The meetings will be held in the MPB Gym

 The dates and times are as follows:
 Monday April 6  6:30 to 8PM  Prep and Intermediate
Wednesday April 8 6:30 to 8PM  Intermediate and Junior
Thursday April 9 6:30 to 8PM  Junior and Senior
Monday April 13 6:30 to 8PM  Junior and Senior
Wednesday April 15 6:30 to 8PM  Intermediate and Junior
Thursday April 16  6:30 to 8PM  Prep and Intermediate

3/25/15 UPDATE:  As of today,  all divisions are full or near capacity.  Senior Boys on the waitlist were released today and will receive an email requesting a log back in to pay the registration fee.  The Boys Senior Division will have 10 teams this season.

The Girls Intermediate has been enlarged once to 6 teams.  We have had interest in expanding to 8 teams.  The wait list will be opened back up later this week.  PLEASE NOTE: that to allow this expansion the game times for this division will be 7:15 and 8:00.   Once we get the minimum number of players we will expand to 8 teams.

The Girls Senior Disivion has not had enough interest and will not play this year.  Refunds will be sent to any players that registered


3/3 Update- Boys Junior has reached the wait list.  We will expand this division if the wait list reaches capacity.   Please signup as soon as possible as we take players off the list in the order they signed up.
Wait list players do not have to play until released from the list via email

2/16 Update

The Senior Boys has been expanded to allow 15-17 year olds to register.  Players who turn 18 before 8/1 are not eligible.

The Senior Girls division is back after not having enough interest in the last 2 years.  We understand there may be conflicts with other summer leagues and if we do not get at least 36 players, the division will be closed and money returned.  Please signup asap if you want to play.

All Divisions will have a maximum number of players and a wait list.  We will determine if we can add more teams to divisions based on the number of players on the wait list.  Wait list players do not pay until released via email.
The cutoff date for divisions is 8/1.   You cannot sign up a player in a division that does not meet the age requirements.  
Age requirements are as follows:
Beginners  6-7
Future Stars  7-8
Prep  9-10
Intermediate 11-12
Juniors  13-14
Senior 15-17

Teams will be drafted based on ratings and skill assessments.  
All New players will be required to attend a Skill assessment before being placed on a team.  We will publish dates soon.

Registration for the 2015 Season will open 2/1/15.    Dates for season are 6/22/15 to 8/1/15.  Games Times and Dates TBA.  Price is same as last year $70.00 per player. $75.00 for Elite Women League Beginners. Futures Stars, Boys Prep, and All Girls  divisions will play on Monday-Wednesdays.  All other Boys divisions on Tuesday and Thursdays. 

2014 NOTES

2014 MPB Summer League Champions
5:00 Court A Boys Int  Gold
         Court B Boys Prep  Red 
          Court C Girls Int  Ora Purple
6:00 Court A Boys Jr  White
        Court B Girls Prep  Pink 
        Court C Girls Jr   Purple
7:00 Court A Boys Sr  Orange 
         Court C Womens Elite  Pink
Congratulations to all the winning teams.  Thank you to all the players, parents, spectators, coaches, concession workers and league officials for another great year. 
Please remember that registration opens feb 1 2015.  SIgn up early to avoid the waiting list.

The Playoffs will begin Wednesday July 23 and run thru Saturday July 26.  All teams make the playoffs and the standings for the divisions will determine the seeding.  The playoffs are single elimination, so if you lose you are out. 
The games and times are TBA, but the schedule for wednesday and thursday will follow the same schedule as during the season.  The seedings will be announced by July 22.
Girls Prep (4 teams) will play one playoff round with the winners going to saturdays championship game.

Divisions with 6 teams( girls Juniors , Boys Prep) will play the first round with the highest seed left going to the championship game and the remaining 2 playing on friday night for the chance to play on saturday night.
Divisions with 8 teams ( Boys Int, Girls Int, Boys Sr) will play 2 rounds: 8 teams on the first night, 4 on friday night and the 2 winners in the Championship game on saturday night.
The Boys Juniors ( 10 teams ) will have games thursday, friday and saturday with a special elimination round for the lowest 4 seeds on thursday/friday.
Thank you to everyone for following the traffic pattern and parking directions.  For everyone safety please enter at the second driveway and exit at the front driveway.  Please use the drop off lane which is nearest the courts when dropping off players or spectators.  Cars may not stop in the thru lane so be very careful and please use the sidewalks when come around the school.  Use the overflow parking on the front lawn when needed.  Please do not block any driveways if using the local streets.

Please remember NO GUM for anyone inside the gates.

Next week and thru the rest of the season we should have Ostrander Elementary School for rain nights instead of the high school.
We will continue to send the Beginners and Future Stars to Wallkill Middle School on rain nights for the remainder of the season


We made our  beginning of the season speech to all the spectators in the bleachers the last 2 nights.  If you missed it:
This is not an AAU league  All players play equal times.  No taking to the refs or calling the game from the bleachers.  No foul language allowed, No smoking or tobacco 9 including smokeless) use of any kind, No glass containers, no Alcohol.  There is NO GUM Chewing allowed inside the fences.  This applies for ALL: players, coaches, parents, and spectators.  Please use trash cans and clean up when you leave
In case of rain we will ise the following schools  Games are at the normal scheduled time:
All Court A games will go to Wallkill Elementary School
All Court B  games will stay at MPB GYM
All Court C games will go to Ostrander Elementary School
Beginners and Future Stars all go to Wallkill Middle school

In case of excessive heat warning we may move games back or cancel if necessary.  Info will be posted on this website if necessary.

Please use the front lawn as overflow parking when the lots are full.  Do not park on the side of the entrance way, it  needs to be kept open in case of emergency.  Do not park between the signs that mark the entrance to the front lawn.

June 12,2014:  COACHES- Team shirts will be available for pickup friday night  6/13 at the courts from 7to 8 PM and Saturday  6/14 morning from 10:30 to 11:30am
If you can pick them up at these times, please email Rich Wendel at to make arrangements.  Please note this is for Coaches ONLY.  We will not give shirts out unless you are the coach for that team.

June 10 Update:  The Girls Intermediate and Junior schedules have been changed.  Schedules have been emailed.  Please make sure you are using the latest schedule**
The changes are
7:15 Court A Girls Intermediate
8:00 Court A, B and C Girls Intermediate
8:45 Court A B and C Girls Junior

All other game times/courts are as below  We regret any inconvienence this may have caused.

June 9, 2014 UPDATE:  One week until the season Starts!!!
The rosters and schedules have been sent out and are on the website under teams

The Monday Wednesday Schedule is
5:45 Court A Beginners, Court B and C Future Stars
6:30 Court A , B, C Boys Prep
7:15 Court A INT Girls, Court B and C Girls Prep
8:00 Court A B and C Girls Intermediate**
8:45 Court A B and C Junior Girls**

Tuesday and Thursday Schedule
5:45 Courts A B C Boys Intermediate
6:30 Court A and C Boys Junior  Court B Boys Intermediate
7:15 Court A B C  Boys Junior
8:00 Court A B C Boys Senior
8:45 Court A Boys Senior, Court B and C Womens Elite

June 3,2014 Update
The season starts in 13 days!!!
The Future Stars will be using the B and C courts on Monday June 9 and Wednesday June 11 from 5:45 to 6:30 Please schedule otheer practices around these times

The Girls Intermediate and Boys Junior Divisions are being expanded to 8 and 10 teams respectively due to waiting list and available court time.  All other divisions are full and are being drafted from the regular registration lists.

The Girls Senior Division did not have enough players this year.  We are sorry that we could not get this division working.

The Boys Open Rec will be playing on friday nights this year.  Please sign up on the wait list ASAP.  ONLY players that are 1 year post HS graduation are eligible to play in this division ( age 18-27)

The courts have been resurfaced and now look brand new again.  This has been an expensive project and therefore we must strickly enforce the
NO GUM INSIDE THE FENCE Rules.  This rule includes EVERYONE:  Coaches, Players, Parents, Spectators.  No Exceptions will be allowed.  This includes all practices, games or othere events at the courts.  Please help us keep the courts clean.

Coaches meeting Thursday May 29, 2014 @ 7:30.   Emails will go out with more info on this ALL new coaches will be required to attend and watch the Safe Child Video.  ALL coaches will have to fill out the background check paperwork this year. 
2014 Registration opens February 1 and runs to June 30.  The summer season starts June 16 and runs to Championship Saturday on July 26

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO REGISTRATION:  There is no late fee this year.  The regular fee remains the same- $70.00 per player. There is now a MAXIMUM number of players in each DIVISION.  Once the maximum for each divsion is reached all other players will be added to the wait list.   We may add teams if registrations exceed the maximums  . We plan to draft teams around May 1, so sign ups after this date may not get assigned to a team.  Please register early to make sure you get placed on a team.  Tell your freinds to register early too!

Please note that we cannot accept CHECKS.  Please register with a credit card.  We will not accept checks sent in as a registration. Please email us if you have any questions about signing up

1/27/14  jp

Please sign up you child (ren) based on thier age as of 7/31/14. You will not be able to sign up for a division that does not match your child age. Returning players are on our master list and will be placed in the correct division if they played in a division that does not match their age. New Players will be required to attend a Skill Assessment to determine placement. Please follow these guide lines for ages.

Beginners   6 and new 7 year olds

Future Stars- 7-8 years old

Prep- 9-10 years old

Intermediate- 11-12 years old for boys  and Girls

Junior- 13-14 years old boys and Girls

Senior- 15-17 years old for boys  

Open Rec- Boys 18-21 (HS graduates only)

Elite leagues are by invitation only  Returning Players from the Mens Friday Night league- DO NOT register for the Open Rec Division. r

2013 season notes below

Here are the Winners of the
2013 Raymond  Boyle Jr Championship Games  

           Girls Junior            Gold 
           Boys Prep               Gold
           Boys Intermediate   Red  
           Womens Elite          Pink
           Girls Prep                Orange
           Boys Junior             Maroon
           Mens Elite               Red 
           Girls Intermediate   Orange
           Boys Senior             Green

Congratulations to The Winners and to all the teams for another great summer of basketball.  Thanks you to everyone for all your hard work and for making this year the best one yet.

Hover your mouse over HOME on the web page and go to 2013 pictures to see photos from the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Playoff games and the Championship Games from Saturday Night
The first picture is Raymond Boyle Sr and Ray Jr's sister who came to visit the Championships.  This was Mr Boyle Sr's first visit to the courts, since he lives in Florida.

The first and second round playoff games finished up tonight with many exciting games including the boys gray white game that came down to the last 10 seconds and the boys carolina maroon game that ended on a buzzer beater 3 pointer to win.  That had to be the highlight to the season.  If only ESPN was there it would have to be in the daily top ten!
The games are set for the Raymond Boyle Jr Championships saturday night starting at 5:00 pm.  Come on down and watch the teams play for the Championship of thier divisions.
Thanks you to all the players, parents,and spectator for helping out with the score books and clock.  Thank you to all the coaches and volunteer referees for doing another great job.  And of course a big THANK You to all the Directors for the long months of hard work it takes to make the season happen.



The Championship Games are named in honor of Ray Boyle, one of the original coaches in this league and father of 4 kids who have played, been volunteer Refs and coached.

NEWS for 2014 Season:
ONLINE Registration only again next year starting in February 2014.  Sign up early to make sure you get a spot.  There will be NO CHECKS or CASH accepted next year.  All payments must be made online at time of registration.  A Fee will be administered for any refunds (TBA)
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  The MPB Knights of Columbus helps us out by manning the grill each week.  Help us help them FILL THE TRUCK with canned goods and non perishable foods during the final week of the season.  They will provide a pickup truck in the back parking lot all week. All the food will go to the local food pantry to help needy families.  Say thanks to the Knights with some food for the truck.


********SPECIAL NOTICE-  The person who brings in the oldest MPB Shirt will win a Special Edition 2013 15th anniversary Shirt.  The winner is TJ Olley 2004 .

You might notice MPB Shirts appearing on the fence by the concession stand this week.  We are trying to find all the  previous year shirts to hang up.  If you want to hang yours up bring it to the concession stand. We are looking for the oldest ones we can find and one for each year.  You will be able to take it down when you want it back, hopefully after the playoffs

4 weeks down and 2 more to go.  All Teams have 3 more games before the Playoffs start.  The games for Wednesday July 24 and Thursday July 25 will be Round 1 of the playoffs.  The games listed on the schedule will be replaced with  games based on the regular season standings.  An outline copy will be listed under handouts.
Please note that there will be games friday and saturday (July 26-27) for teams that win round 1 playoff games. This is a single elimination tournament.
Due to time constraints , the Junior boys will follow a different format that the other divisions.  The top 6 teams will play each other in round 1(July 25) and the 3 winners will advance to round 2 on friday July 26.  The other 4 teams will play a mini tournament on Thursday July 25, with the winner going to round 2 to join the other 3 teams.  Games and times will be announced once the final standings are determines

Checkout Our NEW WEB STORE:  Tee Shirts, Backpacks and Stickers are now on sale  Pickup at concession.  All Proceeds go towards running  the league

If it is raining at game time  please use the following schools/gyms

Beginners Use MPB GYM
Future Stars to Wallkill Middle School Big Gym
Game Schedule for future stars  Court B  Red Blue and Orange Teams
                                                 Court C  Brown, Green and Purple

Court A Games at Wallkill Middle School
Court B Games at MPB Gym
Court C Games at Ostrander Elementary School ( first left after middle school- Lavolete Street. Then first right - Fourth Street,  school is straight ahead)
Please check schedules before coming to make sure you know what court you are playing on.   posted 7/3 @ 3:35 pm  jpr

Week 2 is in the books  We are missing scores for Tuesday June 25  boys Junior Carolina vs Orange,
Thursday June 20 Boys senior  Gold vs White
Tuesday June 18 Boys Intermediate Gray vs Gold and White vs Blue
Please email the results.  If you do not
know the score the winner will be enough
Thank you to everyone for dealing with the rain again this week.   Next week looks like the same.  If it rains on Monday and wednesday we will use Wallkill Middle school for both the Future Stars and Beginners.  Beginners will use the smaller court.

Continue to use the schedule as posted as these games are cancelled

Rain Schedule:
 All Court A games will play at Wallkill Middle School at scheduled times
All Court B games will play at MPB at the scheduled time
All Court C games will play at Ostrander Elementary School at the scheduled times

Week One is done and there were alot of great games.  Thank you to everyone for dealing with the rain on tuesday with very few problems.  The new traffic flow is working fine, please remember to go one way only.  If the front lawn is dry enough we will use it for parking next week.  Please stay on the sidewalks when coming down to the courts from the parling lots. 
Prep Coaches:  Please remember to make sure you have your team stay in a 2-1-2 defense.  There is no trapping the offensive player in the corners and you must let the first pass to the wing through.  The referees will be enforcing this as well as three seconds and traveling.
There are a lot of people chewing GUM on the courts. Please remember that Players, Parents, Spectators, and Coaches are NOT ALLOWED TO CHEW GUM inside the fences.

The season is off to a great start. We had a little bit of bad weather tuesday but the rest of the week looks good.  There are a few pictures on the website  under the home page-2103 pictures.  You can also find us on Facebook to see more pictures.
The new traffic pattern is working good.  When leaving the parking lot use the rear entrance.  Do not drop off your children at the top of the back driveway and then turn around to park.  For everyones safety please park first and walk down to the courts
Help keep the courts clean:  Use the trash cans, clean up your bench after every game and NO GUM .  This is for all players, coaches and spectators

Due to rainy weather we cannot use the front lawn for extra parking.  Parking will be limited and we will have to use the streets around the school for parking.   Please do not block any driveways or fire hydrants. 
Please carpool as much as possible the first week of the season as we wait for the  the lawn to  dry up.
Please pay attention to the new traffic pattern.  Use the front entrance for access to the lots and exit from the rear. There will be people helping with parking

June 11 UPDATE:  Schedules for Girls Intermediate and Girls Juniors  are now posted on the team Pages
June 9 UPDATE:  Schedules for Boys Prep, Boys Intermediate, Boys Junior, Boys Senior and Girls Prep are now posted on the team pages  

The schedule for Tuesday and Thursday Games are:
5:45 Court A, Court B, and Court C Boys Intermediate
6:30 Court B Boys Intermediate, Court A and Court C Boys Junior
7:15 Court A, Court B, and Court C Boys Junior
8:00 Court A, Court B, Court C Boys Senior
8:45 Court B Boys Senior  Court A and Court C Boys Open Rec

Monday and Wednesday Game Schedule
5:00 Court A Beginners ,Court B and Court C-  Future Stars
5:45 Court A, Court B, Court C  Boys Prep
6:30 Court A, Court B, Court C  Girls Prep
7:15 Court A, Court B, Court C Girls Intermediate
8:00 Court A, Court C Girls Juniors
8:45 Court A, Court C Womens Open Rec

June 7 UPDATE:       The Mens Elite teams will be using the A court  Sunday June 9 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM  Please make sure you clear that court before 6:45.  Thank you

Please return the practice balls back to the bin by the concession stand when you are finished with them.  There were 12 balls but only 2 are left.  If you picked one up please return it

The Season Starts One week from monday!  On June 17 the Beginners, Future Stars, Boys Prep, Girls Prep, Girls Intermediate, Girls Junior, Girls Open Rec and Womens Elite teams will Play.  On Tuesday, June 18, the Boys Intermediate, Juniors, Seniors and Open Rec will play.
Schedules will be out early next week.
Thank you to our League Sponsors:

Jay and Carol Anthon Foundation for Autism
Walden Savings Bank

May 25 Update:  Please note All divisions are not taking any new players except Boys Open Rec and Womens Elite.  Girls Junior shows as available but it is full.  We can not take any more girls for Junior division.
If you did not get a chance to sign up we suggest you login and create a family account to be on the email list for future announcements.  Please make sure to not "opt out "  for emails and newsletters.

Coaches Meeting is Wednesday May 29 at 7:30.  If you signed up to coach and did not get notified to come to the meeting please send us an email at ASAP.

If you are not getting emails from this website you may have checked a box when registering to "opt out" of mailings, etc.  To make sure you are getting emails please log back in and look for "ACTIONS".  Click on the primary account name to edit and check the box that says"Yes, please email me about special events, offers, and promotions, then save it. 

April 11,2013 UPDATE:  As of today, On time registration is closed. 
Late Registration is in effect and Fees are now $95.00 for most divisions. 
Future Stars, Girls Prep,Boys Prep, Boys Junior and Boys Senior are all on waitlists now.
You can still sign up for these divisions and we will accept players from the list on a first come basis.  
We cannot guarantee a spot on a team from the waitlist. 
Creating an account and getting on the waitlist will make sure you are on the mailing list for next year

You will not have to pay unless you are released from the waitlist.

No in person registrations

Knights of Columbus Food Drive:
July 22 to July 27  Help FILL THE TRUCK - bring non perishable items the courts and place them in the pickup truck

Please sign up you child (ren) based on thier age as of 7/31/13. You will not be able to sign up for a division that does not match your child age. Returning players are on our master list and will be placed in the correct division if they played in a division that does not match their age. New Players will be required to attend a Skill Assessment to determine placement. Please follow these guide lines for ages.

Beginners   6 and new 7 year olds

Future Stars- 7-8 years old

Prep- 9-10 years old

Intermediate- 11-12 years old for boys  and Girls

Junior- 13-14 years old boys and Girls

Senior- 15-17 years old for boys  15-17 for Girls

Open Rec- Boys 18-21 (HS graduates only)

Elite leagues are by invitation only  Returning Players from the Mens Friday Night league- DO NOT register for the Open Rec Division.   

High School Players must be Varsity Level and the Coach must request you be placed on the Team.

Special Note:  Returning Players from the Mens Friday Night league- DO NOT  register for the Open Rec Division.
Please do not use the pay by check feature until futher notice.
 Contact us if you need help with this .                             1/31/13  jpr

REGISTRATION  for the 2013 season will be open stating February 1 and runs to March 31 before  late fees and waiting lists will be applied.  Please sign up as early as possible to be sure to get on a team.   Let your friends know to sign early too!
New this year will be a Beginners Division for 6-7 year olds who have not played in any leagues before.  The Future stars will be reserved for 7-8 year olds who have some game experience.  The Boys Open Rec league returns this season for graduated HS boys through 20 year olds.

This will be our 15th season!  We are planning some events to celebrate this milestone.  We are looking to find a team shirt from every year starting in 1999, so if you have an old MPB Shirt please email us to help us! 

We always need coaches, assistants, volunteer referees andconcession workers, so please sign up on the website under volunteers.  It does not cost anything, we will train you and it looks good on your resume.  Email us if you have questions or comments about volunteering.                                  1.17.13  jpr

LEAGUE INFO: The League starts on Monday June 17 and runs to Saturday July 27 (Championship Weekend). As in previous years the 11-17 year old boys will play on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Beginners, The Future Stars, 9-10 boys and all girls teams will play on Monday and Wednesday nights. Games Start at 5:45 and run every 45 minutes, with the last game scheduled for 8:45. We play under the lights, and if there is rain we will have alternative sites to play. We have a concession stand serving delicious Hamburgers, Hotdogs, cold drinks and snacks.

Please email us with questions: Email is our only communication method. Please do not call the school

2012 season news:

The 2012 MPB Summer Basketball League is over.  Thank you to everyone for another great season.  Here are the winners of the Raymond Boyle Jr Championship games on July 28:

Girls Prep-  Blue
Girls Intermediate- Pink
Girls Junior- Pink
Girls Senior- Gold
Girls High School- Minisink
Womens Elite- Gold
Boys Prep- Gray
Boys Intermediate Gold
Boys Junior- White
Boys Senior- Orange
Mens Elite- Carolina Blue

Congratulations to all the Championship and regular season division winners.  There were so many close  and overtime games this season, that  everyone had  a great time. 
Thanks to all our Coaches, Referees, Clock and Book volunteers, the Knights of Columbus for cooking, the Greatest Concession workers in the world,  Bruce Chapin for his awesome pictures,  Rich Wendel and Nicole Wendel for scheduling the paid and volunteer referees, Lauren Wendel for working with the Future Stars again this year, our sponsors, Toshiba Business Solutions for the Big screen TV donation, Liz Masci and Meghan Graham- the volunteers of the season, all our Parents, and Spectators, and the Board of Directors: Pete Masci, John Graham, Tony Mazza, Rich Wendel, Ted Sheehan, Kelley Olley and Bill Pullar.   Everyone together makes this the best summer league around. 

Next Season will be our 15th year.  We look forward to seeing ewveryone back and hope to see some of our past players stop by for a visit.  Visit the web  page for information on the 2013 season and registration.  Next year you should all get reminder emails for registration. 


Friday July 27 UPDATE: The teams are all set for the Raymond Boyle Championship Games Saturday night :

5:00  Court B Boys Prep RED vs GRAY
          Court C Boys Int. ORANGE vs GOLD
6:00  Court A Girls HS Wallkill vs Minisink
          Court B Girls Prep BLUE vs PINL
          Court C Boys Jr WHITE vs CAROLINA
7:00  Court A Womens Elite
          Court B Girls Int PINK vs BLUE
          Court C Girls Sr GOLD vs GREEN
8:00   Court A Mens Elite
           Court B Girls Jr PINK vs GOLD
            Court C Boys Sr ORANGE vs RED

...Good Luck to all the teams.

Special Thank you to Bruce Chapin for all the great pictures he took over the first 4 -5 weeks of the season. We have been showing a slide show of his pictures on the big screen ove the last 2 weeks.

Thursday July 26 Playoff Update:  We got all the games in despite the bad weather.  The highest seeded winners of the of the Intermediate (Orange) and Senior Division (Orange) move to The Championship games on Saturday night.  The remaining teams in these divisions play Friday night for a chance to play on Saturday.  The 4 Junior teams left will play Friday night to determine who goes to the Championship game.

The times are as follows

5:45 Court A   Boys Senior   RED vs BLUE
        Court B   Boys  Prep     GRAY vs GOLD
        Court C   Boys Intermediate  Gold vs ROYAL
6:30 Court B   Boys Junior  WHITE vs Purple
7:15 Court B   Boys Junior  Orange vs CAROLINA

Mens Elite have Playoff Games on Court A and B at 6:30, 7:15, and 8:00

In Case of Rain the schedule will be as follows:
Boys Prep and Boys Intermediate will Play at Wallkill Middle School at 5:45 ( side by side)
Boys Senior will play at Wallkill Middle School at 6:30
Boys Junior will Play at Ostrander Elementary at 5:45 ( White vs Purple) and 6:30 ( Orange vs Carolina)
Mens Elite will have 3 games at 7:15, 8:00 and 8:45 at Wallkill Middle School and 3 Games at 7:15, 8:00 and 8:45 at Ostrander Elementary school
Please be sure to check the website before 5 to determine time your game will be IN CASE OF RAIN.

 Wallkill Middle School is 4 miles north of MPB on rt 208 in wallkill,
Ostrander Elementary is off Rt 208, 3 blocks from Wallkill Middle School: take the first left after Wallkill Middle school and the next right. The school is at the end of the street.
Please park in designated spots only, the Wallkill Police will ticket cars parked illegally

Checkout some of the playoff photos on the main page under home/2012 photos

Wednesday July 25 Playoffs Update:

The first night of Playoffs are done and all Girls Teams winners advance to the Championship Games on Saturday Night:

Girls Prep:                    BLUE vs PINK        6:00    Court B
Girls Intermediate:      PINK vs BLUE        7:00    Court B  
Girls Junior:                 PINK vs GOLD       8:00    Court B
Girls Senior:                 GOLD vs GREEN   7:00    Court C 
Girls High School:    Wallkill vs Minisink   6:00    Court A 

Boys Prep:     
              RED vs                5:00   Court B

Boys Prep    GOLD vs Gray Friday Court B @ 5:45

Please remember the Knights of Columbus FILL THE TRUCK food drive continues thursday night.  Help us fill the truck for the local food pantry.  Bring canned goods to the courts thursday night.

The James Boyle Jr Championship Games are named after a good friend, Coach, and parent of 4 past players/coaches in the summer League   Jim passed away just a few years after the league started and we honor his dedication to the league by naming the Championship ganes after him. 

Good Luck to all the winner in the Championship games.  Thank you to all the coaches. players and parents who will not be playing in the Finals.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and we hope to see you all back here next year.  On Line Registration for next year will open in February 2013.  Watch the website for details and check your emails.   We will remind you next year to register

Tuesday July 24 Playoff Update:

Here is the playoff schedule for Thursday July 26

Boys Intermediate– All First round Games at 5:45 Thursday July 26

Court A    ORANGE   vs  GRAY

Court B      GOLD   vs  GREEN

Court C      ROYAL vs RED

Highest remaining seed plays in finals Saturday @5:00 pm Court C , 2 remaining teams play Friday at 5:45 Court C

Boys Junior 

Court A @ 6:30  PURPLE   vs  GOLD

Court B @ 6:30   GRAY  vs  ROYAL

Court C @ 6:30    MAROON   vs  RED

Court A @ 8:00   ORANGE  vs  Lowest  seed from   10-7 games

Court B @ 8:00  CAROLINA BLUE  vs GREEN

Court C @ 8:00  WHITE  vs Higher seed from 10-7 games

4 Winning Teams to Friday on Court B  @ 6:30 2 vs 3 and 7:15 1 vs 4 (reseeded after first round)

2 Friday  winners to Championships game  Saturday 6:00 Court C


Boys Senior All Games @ 7:15 Thursday


Court B  GOLD vs RED

Court C  GRAY vs BLUE

Highest remaining seed plays in finals Saturday @*:00 pm Court C , 2 remaining teams play Friday at 5:45 Court A


Monday July 23 Playoff Update:  The regular season Monday-Wednesday games are done and the standings will determine the seeding for the Playoffs as follows:

** Please ignore the games on the schedules for July 25  and use the schedule below  **

Wednesday July 25 Games
5:45  Boys Prep:
Court A   Red vs Green
Court B   Gray vs Orange
Court C   Gold vs Royal
** Top seeded winner goes to Championship game on Saturday July 28.  The other 2 winner play Friday Night at 5:45 on Court B 

6:30  Girls Prep
Court B   Blue vs Yellow
Court C   Green vs Pink

7:15 Girls Intermediate
Court B   Pink vs Green
Court C   Blue vs Yellow

8:00 Girls Junior
Court B   Yellow vs Blue
Court C   Green vs Pink

 Girls High School
Court A  Wallkill vs Chapel Field    6:30pm
Court A   Minisink vs Highland        7:15pm

Girls Senior  Court A   Yellow vs Pink   8:00
Girls Senior  Court A     Blue vs  Green  8:45

All 4 team division winners will play in the Championship games on Saturday July 28

Wallkill Middle School is 4 miles north of MPB on rt 208 in wallkill,
Ostrander Elementary is off Rt 208, 3 blocks from Wallkill Middle School: take the first left after Wallkill Middle school and the next right. The school is at the end of the street.
Please park in designated spots only, the Wallkill Police will ticket cars parked illegally.

Wednesday and Thursday July 25 and 26, the MPB Knights of Columbus will be holding a food drive.  Please bring nonperishable foods to the courts these night.  The food will be given to the local food pantry.
July 12 Update:  We are done with 4 weeks already!! Get ready for the final 2 weeks and the Playoffs. 
The Playoffs start on Wednesday July 25 and finish with the James Boyle Championships on Saturday night July 28.  The regular season scores will be used to seed the teams for the playoffs.  Games times  will remain the same for wednesday and thursday nights.  Friday will be second round games and saturday night will be the finals.  Please check back here for July 25-28 game dates and times.

Coaches Only :  Please email any incorrect game scores to as soon as possible.  After Sunday July 22 we will use the standings as reported on the website to seed the teams, no corrections will be accepted after sunday. 

Traffic Update:  Please use the second entrance to the school only as traffic is one way.  Keep right to drop off players and keep left to go directly to parking lot.  Please drive slow and watch out for out kids!  There is no parking on the driveways and please do not block the entrance to overflow ( the front grass area)

June 19 UPDATE:  The first 2 opening nights are done and thank you all for 2 great nights of basketball.   Parking was crowded but John Graham did a great job getting cars in and out of the overflow lot on the front lawn  Please remember to not block the entrance to this area and do not park in the driveways as we need to keep them open for emergency vehicles.
The weather report calls for extremely hot temperatures.  We will adjust the games as needed.  Please drink plenty of water and keep an eye on kids who may have heat related problems.

June 15 UPDATE: This is the final weekend before the season starts.  Opening days for Future Stars, Prep Boys, Prep Girls, Intermediate Girls, Junior Girls , Senior Girls, and High School Girls is Monday June 18.  Opening Day 2 for Boys Intermediate, Boys Junior, and Boys Seniors is Tuesday June 19.  Please check your team page for game times and Court assignments.


FYI  Court A is closest to the driveway, Court is in middle and Court C is down at the end past the concession stand.

In case of Rain, the court assignment will be all Court A games  to Wallkill Middle School, All Court B games at MPB Gym, All Court C games to Ostrander Elementary School.
Wallkill Middle School is 4 miles north of MPB on rt 208 in wallkill,
Ostrander Elementary is off Rt 208, 3 blocks from Wallkill Middle School:  take the first left after Wallkill Middle school and the next right.  The school is at the end of the street. 
Please park in designated spots only, the Wallkill Police will ticket cars parked illegally.
The  MPB driveway is one way only during the season.   Enter at the second entrance and exit from the first.  Please park only in marked spots.  Overflow parking will be on the front lawn, please do not block the opening to this area, or a lot of people will be mad at you.
Please park and then walk down to the courts using the sidewalks.  There are a lot of cars and we need you to watch your children in the parking lots.  Safety First.

There is NO GUM allowed inside the courts.   Please help us keep the courts clean by putting your gum in the trach cans provided.  This rule applies to EVERYONE, not just players.
No Smoking, Glass containers, Alcohol, folding chairs, strollers,  coolers allowed inside the fenced in area.  Please no pets, SMOKING OR ALCOHOL anywhere on the school grounds.  

Please enjoy the games and help make this an enjoyable night out for everyone.  NO FOUL Language, no talking to the referees and no negative comments.  We will ask you to refrain or leave the courts for repeated negative comments or situations. 
Thank you for helping make this another great season at MPB

JUNE 12 UPDATE  Please note changes to schedules  as of today.  The schedules you may have downloaded are now incorrect.  Update schedules will be out by the end of the week

NOTE to all Future Star Parents;  There is no Future Star practices.   Please arrive at the courts about 4:45  the first night Monday, June 18.  This division will play 5:00 to 5:45 monday and wednesday nights.

Coaches ONLY  You can pick up your team shirts friday after 6:00 at the courts.  See Rich Wendel


June 9  UPDATE  Most all divisions are closed.  We have spots left in the Senior Girls and Future Stars.  Boys prep, Boys Senior, Womens Elite and Mens Elite are wait list only.  Please send and email to to get on the waiting list for any division.
The season starts just 1 week from monday: June 18.  Here is the schedule for the divisions. Game times and dates will be out later next week.

Moonday- Wednesday
5:00 Court B and C  Future Stars
5:45 Court A, B and C  Boys Prep
6:30 Court A Girls High School
         Court B  Girls Prep
         Court C  Girls Prep
7:15  Court A Girls High School
         Court B  Girls Intermediate
          Court C Girls Intermediate
8:00   Court A Girls Senior
          Court B Girls Junior
          Court  C Girls Junior
8:45   Court A Girls Senior           

Tuesday- Thursday
5:45 Court  A B C  Boys Intermediate
6:30 Court A B C Boys Junior
7:15 Court  B C   Boys Junior
7:15 Court A  Boys Senior
8:00 Court  B C  Boys Senior      

June 7 UPDATE:  The coaches have the rosters and will be contacting players to schedule a practice.  If you have not heard from a coach you can log into this website and see your rosters and team info.

As of May 1  all registrations are subject to late fee. 
Boys Junior division is in a waitlist status.  You can still register to be on the wait list without payment for this division.  This is a first come first served basis. 
All other divisions are OPEN even though it says wait list on the registration pages. 
We are still taking players off the wait lists for Boys Prep, Girls Intermediate and Future Stars.  We will release players from these lists immediately.

April 27,2012 update:  Skill Assessments will be held  Monday May 7 and Tuesday May 8 at the MPB Gym
 from 6-8pm. and Saturday May 12 from 8-12 am.  All New Players are required to attend.  You will  not  be placed on a team until you attend one of the the skill assessments. Emails have been snet to all new players.  For more infor email us at

April 19,2012 Update.  The divisions are filling up so let your friends know that they need to sign up as soon as possible.  Registration fees go up after May 1.  Even though a division may be on wait list you can still sign up without having to pay the fee until you are accepted. 

April 2,2012 Update-  Thank you all for your patience as we get used to our new website and software.   The Future Stars was limited to 20 players but has been expanded to 40.  If you see a wait listed note next to that division, continue to sign up and you will be accepted.  Most all divisions are filling up quickly so tell you friends to get registered soon if they do not want to miss out.


For 2012,  we have changed the Website and the Registration Process.   All Registration is now online and will require you to create an account for your family.  Then you can sign up your children, sign up as a volunteer, or become an MPB Summer League Booster or Sponsor.   This new system will allow us to communicate with you better, allow us to organize the league better, and make next years sign up easier.  We expect some growing pains so please be patient.

The Registration process is changed so please be aware of the following items:

Each Division has a limited number of spots:please sign up as early as possible.  Once the maximum player number is reached for that division, you will be place on the waiting list automatically.   This is a first come first served list

Please sign up you child (ren) based on thier age as of 7/31/12.  You will not be able to sign up for a division that does not match your child age.  Returning players are on  our master list and will be placed in the correct division if they played in a division that does not match their age.  New Players will be required to attend a Skill Assessment to determine placement.  Please follow these guide lines for ages.

Future Stars- 7-8 years old

Prep- 9-10 years old

Intermediate- 11-12 years old

Junior- 13-14 years old

Senior- 15-17 yeas old

Open Rec- Boys  15-17

Elite leagues are by invitation only and you must be over 18

High School Players must be Varsity Level and the Coach must request you be placed on the Team.


LEAGUE INFO: The League starts on Monday June 18 and runs to Saturday July 28 (Championship Weekend).  As in previous years the 11-17 year old boys will play on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  The Future Stars, 9-10 boys and all girls teams will play on Monday and Wednesday nights. Games Start at 5:45 and run every 45 minutes, with the last game scheduled for 8:45.  We play under the lights, and if there is rain  we will have alternative sites to play.  We have a concession stand serving delicious Hamburgers, Hotdogs, cold drinks and snacks. 


Please email us with questions:  Email is our only communication method.  Please do not call the school.


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